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Frank Mortimer is an adjunct instructor at the Cornell University Master Beekeeping Program, former Vice President of the New Jersey State Beekeepers Association, and a Certified Master Beekeeper. As president of the Northeast NJ Beekeepers Association—a position he held for over a decade—he significantly grew his club’s membership, aligned the Northeast NJ Beekeepers with Ramapo College, and founded the “Honey Cup,” an annual honey tasting competition.  Frank has promoted beekeeping throughout the Northeast by speaking to everyone from school children to gardening clubs and civic organizations.  He has led beekeeping seminars across the Northeast and at The New York Botanical Garden. In addition, he successfully campaigned for his hometown of Ridgewood to become New Jersey’s first “Bee City USA.” Frank is the author of Bee People and the Bugs They Love, (Kensington Publishing, March 2021) and has written multiple articles featured in the widely circulated Bee Culture Magazine.

Bee People and the Bugs They Love - Frank Mortimer Author

A fascinating foray into the obsessions, friendships,

scientific curiosity, misfortunes and rewards of

suburban beekeeping through the eyes

of a Master Beekeeper . . .

Bee People and the Bugs They Love - Frank Mortimer Author

Book Trailer | Reviews

“…it is an achievement to convey so much knowledge so accessibly without once seeming overbearing. The main reason it all works is the honest descriptions of friendships that spring up around a shared, all-absorbing interest in bees.  And Mortimer intersperses useful facts about his passion in a successful and funny book that is sure to swell the ranks of the world’s beekeepers.”

“Some of the most charming passages involve Mortimer’s friendships with other beekeepers, who are often as eccentric as they are kind and helpful. New or prospective beekeepers will find a useful how-to guide as well as an affectionate ode to nature’s pollinators and honey makers, while any readers who have had their lives reshaped by a single overriding passion will enjoy learning how Mortimer found his.”

“This ranks among the best written books I have ever reviewed. This book includes great humor and a use of allegory that reveals tremendous background knowledge. Beginning as a simple recounting of initial inquiry, coupled with personal conflict, this evolves into in-depth learning, great analysis of personalities, and a revealing of information that is masked finely in narrative.  Bee people are a weird and fascinating lot; the author delves deeply enough into their eccentricities to make for fascinating reading.”

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