Bee Candy Recipe

Bee Candy five pounds in disposable trays


5-lbs of sugar (10 cups)

2-cups of water

1-tablespoon vinegar (optional)

This is a recipe to feed your bees in the winter.  It is easy to make, but the directions MUST bee followed exactly.

If the directions are not followed, the candy will not “set-up” and it will stay liquid

  • Pour all ingredients into large stockpot
  • Mix until it’s a consistent slurry with no dry spots
  • Put stockpot on stove using medium heat
    • Avoid high heat, as it’s better to have mixture slowly reach temperature
  • Do NOT stir mixture once it is being heated, it will NOT burn
    • Sugar caramelizes at 338°f and sugar burns at 350°f and you will remove from heat at 248°f, therefore no way it will burn

Why NO STIRRING as it gets up to temperature?

  • Stirring can cause crystals to form
  • If crystals form too early, most of the mixture will stay liquid
  • Always use clean spoons, pots, etc.
  • If solid sugar is on spoons or pans, it will cause mixture to prematurely crystalize, then most of the mixture will stay liquid
  • It’s also a good idea to wipe off any sugar from the inside walls of the pot before putting on heat

Heat mixture to 248°f

(* If you prefer softer candy, only heat mixture to 240°f – 243°f)

  • Do not use a lid on your pot, as you want water/steam to escape
  • It will not reach temperature until mixture is at 87% sugar (water has evaporated)
  • Take off heat and immediately pour into disposable aluminum pan

Allow mixture to cool to below 180°f (175°f is ideal)

  • Do NOT stir until it has cooled
  • Once it is below 180°f, stir mixture until it turns from clear to opaque/white
    • If mixture is allowed to cool to below 150°f, it will harden immediately upon stirring, making it difficult to stir and shape, so only briefly stir until mixture is cloudy.
  • Stir from edges to center, ensuring it is mixed entirely

Candy will set up in a few hours, but let it sit overnight before using

bee candy in 5 pound bricks