Frank’s Honey Grillin’ Glaze

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Are you looking for ways to sweeten your summer BBQ? Well, then you should try Frank’s Honey Grillin’ Glaze. Sometimes during the hot summer months when my family is outside, we want to grill, but we’re not in the mood for anything heavy. Instead, we want something that’s healthy, refreshing and tastes amazing.

Sweet Swedish Meatballs

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Here's an old family recipe for sweet swedish meatballs passed down to my wife by her Swedish Mother who got it from her Mother and so on. These are delicious and oh so filling on a cold winter's day. We like them so much they have became a holiday tradition in our household, to the delight of friends and family.

Frank’s Honey Hot Toddy

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Before we had neighborhood pharmacies and different cold medications, people relied on home treatments. They had to come up with their own solutions. Many home remedies are now topics of urban legend, but some home remedies actually work. Frank’s Honey Hot Toddy can help relieve cold symptoms.

From Hive to Bottle

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Every wonder how honey gets from the bee hive into your jar? Check out this video for a step by step show! Frank’s Honey: You can taste the difference! Honey is one of the oldest household staple items, used for its healing properties and culinary enjoyment.