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Frank’s Honey

Frank’s Honey is 100% pure, raw, all-natural, local honey. Plus, it’s the best tasting honey you'll ever have! 

Frank’s Honey is hand-harvested and hand–extracted from our family cared for hives in and around Ridgewood, NJ.

Crafted from Nature, Frank’s Honey is hand-poured fresh into bottles, bringing high quality, sweet goodness to your table.

Frank’s Honey, you can taste the difference!

Frank’s Honey $15 - 1 lb jar

Frank’s Honey Hand Cream

Franks Honey Hand Cream logo

Frank’s Honey Hand Cream rejuvenates & nourishes as it soothes & conditions dry, hard-working skin. Made from all-natural, pure, raw, ingredients including, Frank’s Honey and Frank’s Honey Beeswax. You will feel the difference and your skin will thank you.

Frank’s Honey Hand Cream $15 - 2 oz jar

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Frank’s Honey Beeswax, Lanolin, E-Wax, Water, Frank’s Honey, Optiphen (preservative), and Essence of Cucumber.

Frank’s Honey & Frank’s Honey Hand Cream is also available by mail order. Please send an email for more information, and please be sure to include your full name and mailing address.