Honey Harmonies Playlist

Whenever I’m doing bee stuff, I like to play my Honey Harmonies Playlist, which are songs that have “honey” or “bee” in the lyrics. Some of the songs in the playlist include; Wild Honey by the Beach Boys, Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison, Honey Bee by Tom Petty, Me In Honey by R.E.M., Milk and Toast and Honey by Roxette, Honeybee by Gloria Gaynor, A Taste of Honey, by The Supremes and the Four Tops, Sugar and Honey by Roy Orbison, Honey Love by The Jackson 5, Honey by Moby, and my absolute favorite of them all, Honey Honey by ABBA.

If you’d like to buzz along to some honey-sweet tunes, you  can check out Frank The Beeman’s Honey Harmonies Playlist on Spotify!

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