Honey Makes the Sweetest Wedding Favors

Weddings are always so special, and every couple wants their wedding day to be perfect in every way. There are so many decisions to make, and sometimes, all the choices can be a bit overwhelming.

One decision that every couple needs to make is: What kind of wedding favor do you want to give to your guests?

A wedding favor should reflect your style, be memorable, and be something that your guests will genuinely enjoy. One sweet idea for wedding favors is pure, raw, local honey. Local honey is also a great way to give your guests something from your local area, and the sweet taste of honey will remind them of your special day.

Honeybees fly three to five miles from their hives collecting nectar from plants and flowers to make honey. For bees to make one pound of honey, they will need to visit 2 million flowers, and travel 56,000 combined flight miles, which is twice around the earth! Having honey as your wedding favor is like presenting each of your guests with the magic of your local flowers, which is why it is such a wonderful idea for a wedding favor.

There is a long tradition of honey being part of a weddings. The term, “honeymoon” has been around for centuries, and according to the Oxford English Dictionary, its earliest recorded use was in 1546. Almost fifty years later in 1592, it was first used to describe the period of time following a wedding. In its most understandable etymology, “Honey,” refers to the “sweet” time that couples spend together following their wedding. And “Moon” refers to a period of time, a “month,” using the lunar calendar.

Another origin of the word honeymoon was that it referred to drinking mead, an alcoholic drink made from honey, for the first month after the wedding. The legend was that people would drink mead to loosen their inhibitions and increase their chances of getting pregnant within the first month after marriage.

The honeybee has become the unofficial world symbol for our environment, and in 2019 the Earthwatch Institute declared that honeybees are the most important living beings on the planet. One way to help the honeybee is to support your local beekeeper, as they are the stewards that keep honeybees healthy so they can continue to pollinate our flowers, gardens, and so many of the plants around us.

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