Smoked Honey-Glazed Meatloaf Recipe

Meatloaf is one of the greatest comfort foods known to man, and it’s something that we’ve all enjoyed over the years. Now there’s a tastier way to prepare this traditional dish and make it even more delicious. As anyone with their own backyard smoker knows, if you smoke it, you’re going to end up with something that’s way more delicious than if it was cooked in an oven. This rule is beyond true for the traditional meatloaf.

As a backyard beekeeper, I have a LOT of Honey and my family eats it on everything! Because of the amount of Honey that I get every year, I am always creating new recipes and looking for new ways for my family to enjoy our Honey. One of the most awesome foods on the planet is Honey, and if you want to take your recipes to the next level, then always look for Pure, Raw, Local Honey.

Too often what you see at the big box stores is anything but 100% genuine honey.  Report after report has shown that honey is the globe’s second most counterfeited food, (olive oil is number one,) so while it may be labeled as “honey,” the truth is that it is anything but.

So, when you are serious about cooking, find a beekeeper in your area and buy your Honey from them. You will BEE able to taste the difference!

Frank the Beeman’s Recipe for Smoked Honey-Glazed Meatloaf


1 pound of Ground Beef (preferably 80% lean, 20% fat)
1 pound Ground Pork
5 Eggs
2 cups of Quaker Oats (Uncooked)
½ cup of Worcestershire Sauce
3 tablespoons of Recteq Casanova’s Competition Rub
½ cup of Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce
¼ cup of Pure, Raw, Local Honey

Add the Ingredients in this Order

Pour the Quaker Oats into a bowl and add the Recteq Casanova’s Competition Rub. For best results, add one tablespoon at a time and stir, which will ensure that the rub is evenly distributed throughout all of the oats.

Next, add the Worcestershire Sauce. Mix together until the oats have absorbed all of the Worcestershire Sauce.

Now add the eggs and mix.

The oats act like little flavor sponges, and you want them to absorb these ingredients before adding the meat. Once you start cooking, the oats will also absorb juices from the meat, keeping your meatloaf juicy and full of flavor.

Add the meat and mix by hand. You want to mix until all the meat and the oats are thoroughly combined.

Once you have mixed all your ingredients together, grab a large loaf pan and line it with plastic wrap. You are only using the pan to shape the meatloaf and the plastic wrap will make it easy for you to pop it out of the pan.

After you have lined your loaf pan with the plastic wrap, put the uncooked mixture into the pan. Once it’s in the pan, cover with plastic wrap and push down on the loaf so that it’s evenly shaped into the pan.

Next, put the meatloaf into your refrigerator for 90 minutes – 2 hours. The goal is to give the meatloaf time to hold its shape.

Time to Smoke!

Set your smoker to 250 F, and make sure it is holding temperature before starting your cook.

For best results, use a wire rack for your meatloaf. Using one will make it easier for you to get your meatloaf on and off the smoker. Make sure to coat your rack with cooking spray, so your meatloaf doesn’t stick.

Once your wire rack is ready, unwrap your meatloaf and put the wire rack on top of the pan. Next, flip the meatloaf over so that it is resting on the wire rack, then remove the pan and all of the plastic wrap.

Now that your smoker is at 250 F, place your meatloaf on it for 1 hour.  The initial 250 F temperature will increase the smoky taste of the meatloaf and give it a great smoke ring.

As your meatloaf is on the smoker, mix the ½ cup of Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce together with the ¼ cup of Pure, Raw, Local Honey.

After 1 hour, raise the temperature of your smoker to 275 F and cook until your meatloaf reaches an internal temperature of 145.

Once you’ve hit 145, coat your meatloaf with the honey-BBQ glaze.

Keep your meatloaf on the smoker until it hits an internal temperature of 160, then apply a second coat of the Honey-BBQ glaze.

To set the glaze, smoke for another 15 minutes or until its internal temperature hits 165. Then, pull the meatloaf from your smoker and rest it for 10 minutes.

Now all that’s left is for you and your family to enjoy Frank the Beeman’s Smoked Honey-Glazed Meatloaf