What Exactly is Honey?

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Humans have been collecting honey for over 13.000 years, but what exactly is honey? Honey is the essence of flowers, and that alone makes it amazing, but after learning about what it takes to make honey, you realize that it is almost magical. In its lifetime, one bee will make 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey, which means it takes 12 bees lifetime work to make a single teaspoon of honey. Honeybees fly to collect the nectar from two million flowers for every pound of honey they produce, meaning the bees have logged about 55,000 miles, or the equivalent of two trips around the earth, just to produce one pound of honey. Honey’s taste and color is totally dependent on what flowers the bees visit to collect the nectar from, and every plant has its own unique flavor. Honey’s high sugar content, it’s lack of moisture, its low pH, and because it contains hydrogen peroxide are what makes it an inhospitable environment for microorganisms and why no matter its age, honey will never spoil and is always safe to eat.

The Sweet Science of Beekeeping

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Spring is in full swing in parts of the world, and you know what that means: blossoms, buds, and bees! In this Meetup Live event recording, we’re bringing in an apiarist to give us the buzz on everything involved with beekeeping. Watch Frank Mortimer, author of Bee People and The Bugs They Love, who will take us on a fact-filled journey into the world of bees. Hear about the loving practice of beekeeping and why it’s more than just a hobby. You’ll also learn about different types and uses of honey, a sweet treat that’s been delighting tastebuds for thousands of years.

What Bee Books Are The Best Bee Books?

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What Bee Books Are The Best Bee Books? There are lots of books about honeybees and beekeeping. Some are how-to books, others are for kids. As the author of Bee People And The Bugs They Love, I have assembled some of my favorite bee books, (other than Bee People or course), and each book on my list fits a different bee need or genre. Please use this list as a jumping off point, as there are so many wonderful bee books out there, and I would encourage you to fill your bookshelves with them all.

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