Franks Hot Honey Garlic Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

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Thank you Mr. Mortimer Sir. Imagine the grin I had on my face when the mailman delivered to me on Saturday a box; that whereupon opening I beheld three one pound jars of Frank’s Honey, Frank’s Hand Cream, Frank’s Lip Balm (which is better than Burt’s) and a copy of Bee People and the Bugs they Love. Immediately (well right after tasting the honey) I began to ponder “what culinary concoction can I create with this?”

How Do Bees Find Pollen?

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How Do Bees Find Pollen? This one question leads to many other bee-related questions such as: “Why Do Bees Collect Pollen?” and “What Do Bees Do With Pollen?” First, bees collect pollen to eat, as it is their source for protein. One of the bee’s super powers is its sense of smell. Bees will use their sense of smell to find blooming plants that contain pollen and nectar. After a foraging bee delivers its payload to waiting bees inside the hive, if the food source where she got it is good, the forager bee will tell her hive mates its location. Called the waggle dance, a worker bee will do a dance to tell her sisters about the location of a food source and gives directions for how to get there.

Frank’s Honeyed Old Fashioned

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Frank’s Honeyed Old Fashioned - Here’s a sweet take on a traditional cocktail. The Old Fashioned has really lived up to its name, as it’s been around since 1880! However, for a sweet twist, replace the muddling sugar and/or simple syrup with 100% pure, raw, natural Frank’s Honey.

Frank’s Honey Grillin’ Glaze

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Are you looking for ways to sweeten your summer BBQ? Well, then you should try Frank’s Honey Grillin’ Glaze. Sometimes during the hot summer months when my family is outside, we want to grill, but we’re not in the mood for anything heavy. Instead, we want something that’s healthy, refreshing and tastes amazing.

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